Mobile Globally Deployed People

Mobile realtime life needs, live ground assesments and hazard alerts.

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Be prepared for severe weather in your region and notified of weather alerts. Awareness and preparedness is never too much!

Fires & Floods

Get warnings for likely or actual fires and floods issued by emergency management agencies. Acknowledge it early and minimize damages!

Volcanic & Seismic

First hand notifications help you to mitigate damage caused by disasters related to earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

Strikes & Riots

Socio-economic instability can lead to strikes, riots and civil commotions and you will not want to be caught in the middle of one, so be informed of those close to you.

Disease Outbreaks

Early warnings on outbreaks of infectious diseases and other threats that affect public health in your region allow you to prevent and take precautions, saving lives.

Terrorism & War

Be informed at first instance about terrorist acts, armed conflicts or war so you may protect yourself and your family the best way.